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Professional Carpet Cleaning Accessories: The Tools You Need


Professional carpet cleaners need great tools. They make every job easier and help you maximize time and effort. Here’s an introduction to professional carpet cleaning accessories. Learn about what tools are necessary, how they work and how they can make all the difference.

High Pressure Hoses

Choose hoses that are light and hold heat. A steel braided hose can be rated up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Look for hoses that include a no-slip hose saver. Reusable crimps are also a plus.

Hose Crimps

Most hose crimps require a crimping tool, but it’s much more convenient to find hose crimps that don’t require a tool. Using crimps without a tool helps you get jobs done quicker without having to stop and use a tool. Hose crimps that are reusable also reduce costs.


Every carpet cleaner tool box needs this product. Makes replacing hose endings a breeze.

Quick Disconnect Set

Quick disconnect sets come fully assembled. It includes a brass female fitting, a stainless male fitting and a connector cover.

Quick Disconnect Cover

Keep your hands and clients’ property safe with a quick connect cover. A high pressure connector cover protects you and floors.

Trigger Valve Assembly

These include a stainless steel male fitting and hex nipple. Use it with a trigger sleeve.

Bone Scraper

Every carpet cleaner needs one of these in their pockets!!! The best tool to help with those stubborn spills. Feather in with a bone scraper to work a stain remover or chemical agent into carpet fibers.

This is a blade-like tool used to remove or loosen soils or material coated on carpets. It’s a perfect tool for stubborn spills and helps remove gum, tar and adhesives.

Trigger Sleeve

This is the best protection for fingers. It’s an excellent blister preventative. They are typically made from silicone and should fit several types of triggers.

Shutoff Valve

You’ll need one that’s tough and can withstand every day usage and abuse.

Wash Stick

Use a heavy duty wash stick to wash out your tank, clean off a tool or wash out your truck.

Professional carpet cleaning accessories are essential for every cleaner. These are just a few professional carpet cleaning accessories we recommend. Browse our accessories to find the right tools for your next job.