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Product Spotlight: High Pressure Carpet Cleaning Hoses

high-pressure-carpet-cleaning-hosesHigh pressure carpet cleaning hoses are an extremely important tool. You’ll want to invest in a quality hose to ensure it doesn’t break during a cleaning. If this happens, you could burn your hand or damage the floor. Hoses can also get pinhole leaks, which aren’t as catastrophic as broken hose but not good either.

What to consider when buying hoses

When choosing a high pressure carpet cleaning hose, you need consider several things: value, functionality and quality. Cheaper is rarely better. You can save now by purchasing a cheap hose, but you’ll certainly pay later because it just won’t hold up for long.

Another consideration is functionality. How does the hose hold up to heat? How much does it weight? Is it easy to maneuver? How does it work with crimps and disconnects?

Finally, quality is of course paramount to any tool you choose. By selecting quality hoses, you can feel assured that it is made well and will last through many cleanings.

About Pro Clean hoses

Pro Clean offers a unique high pressure carpet cleaning hose. It’s lighter and holds head better than any other hose. The ¼” steel braided hose is rated up to 300 degrees F. It is available in 50 feet or 100 feet. Hoses are equipped with a no-slip hose saver and reusable crimps. The hoses are available in four colors: green, orange, red and blue. These hoses have been described as the future of high pressure hoses.

To accompany hoses, we offer hose crimps that do not require a crimping tool to attach to your hoses. They are also reusable. This means you won’t lose time if a hose blows out. In a few minutes, you’ll be back to work. We also offer a quick disconnect cover to protect floors and hands.

Shop our high pressure carpet cleaning hoses and accessories today. You’ll enjoy a hose at a great value, high functionality and excellent quality.