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Pet Odor Professional Cleaning Tips


Pets are an important part of many households. The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that 36.5 percent of American households have dogs and 30.4% have cats. Although they are loyal and loving, pets can make a mess and leave an odor. We’ve put together some pet odor professional carpet cleaning tips to help.

First, it’s important to understand that carpet cleaning alone will not remove pet urine or pet odor from the carpet padding and sub-floor. Pet stains and odor are best treated with professional enzymes and deodorizing agents. We offer pet odor neutralizers and deodorizers that are safe for you, your clients and their pets.

Eliminating Urine Smells

To clean carpet in homes with pets, use an enzymatic based pet odor remover. The enzymes in the cleaner “eat” away at the materials that cause the urine smell. When dealing with well soaked areas, saturate the carpet. Soak the carpet thoroughly. Then cover with cardboard. Allowing this soaking gives the enzymes more time to work. Save these areas for the last in your carpet cleaning.

Odor Neutralizers

Pet odor professional carpet cleaning employs a neutralizer to control urine and other odors. Our odor neutralizers eliminate odors chemically by creating an odor free compound.  It encapsulates the odor, minimizing the spread of odor particles. This product is safe on all water safe surfaces. It is a clear liquid with a nice, clean smell. Allow at least 20 minutes of soaking.


Finish cleanings with a deodorizer, which can help with any lingering smells.  Deodorizers are water soluble products. These products combine counteractants and fragrances that promote maximum odor neutralization. It is a clear liquid with a mild fragrance.  This is best applied with a trigger sprayer, electric atomizer or pump-up sprayer.

Pet Stains

Beyond the challenges of pet odor professional carpet cleaning are stains left by pets. A hot water extraction cleaning process is one option. You can also use a spotter to clean specific areas where pet stains accumulate. This could be an entrance into a room or a dog’s favorite spot near the window.Don’t scrub, as this just drives the stain deeper into the carpet fiber. Repeat as necessary: saturation, soaking and light scrubbing.

These are just a few tips on pet odor professional carpet cleaning. If you’d like to learn more about neutralizers and deodorizers, browse our products.