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High Traffic Carpet Cleaning Tips

high-traffic-carpet-cleaningHigh traffic areas are typically areas that see lots of carpet that see lots of use. Entryways and hallways are examples. They can be a stubborn area to keep clean because of all the daily abuse they take. The carpet in these areas is more worn, and with entryways especially, more prone to coming in contact with the elements of life like dirt, water and debris. Because high traffic carpet cleaning can be such a challenge, we gathered some tips.

Use a pre-conditioner treatment

It’s a great idea to pretreat the area with a pre-conditioner. This helps to eliminate over wetting or agitation of carpet during a cleaning. Choose one that is low residue to avoid after treatment issues. Pro Clean offers Prochem Ultrapac Trafficlean for only $41.99 a gallon.

Try a powder to pre-treat

We offer a green powder ideal for soiled traffic lanes; even grease and oil. This can also be a cost saver, as it eliminates defoamers and acidic rinse agents. Read more about Procyon Plus.

Pre-spray to get ground in dirt and grease out

With a pre-spray like Procyon Extreme, you can get down into the carpet. The sodium in a pre-spray pushes dirt and grime to the top. Procyon Extreme has a water softening agent to rejuvenate carpet. Carpet can come back to life, which is a hard task for high traffic carpet cleaning.

In addition to using the best products, here are some tips you can pass onto your customers:

  • High traffic areas should be vacuumed twice weekly to reduce soil buildup.
  • Vacuum slowly enough to get out as much dirt as possible. Make one quick pass over low-traffic areas and two slow passes over high-traffic areas. Two slow passes removes ground-in dirt more effectively than several fast passes.
  • Use walk-off mats inside and out to keep dirt off the carpeting. Coarse-textured mats outside doors remove soil. Water-absorbent mats inside prevent wet shoes on the carpeting.
High traffic areas are vulnerable to collecting the most mess. So it’s important to treat them differently as a professional carpet cleaners. By using the best high traffic carpet cleaning products and educating your customers, you can help these areas stay looking great longer.