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Green Professional Carpet Cleaning


What you need to know to choose the best green carpet cleaning product

Green professional carpet cleaning continues to be more popular. Customers are more concerned than ever about the chemicals used in cleaning. Carpet cleaning chemicals have evolved slowly to meet this demand, but are they effective? How can you provide a green professional carpet cleaning to clients and ensure their carpets are really clean?

VOCs can be harmful

Powerful solutions are often needed to break down stains. Because these chemicals degrade the stain, they can leave residue and impact. They may release high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. They also contain a number of ingredients known to cause a variety of health-related problems. For instance, some traditional chemicals have been identified as triggering asthma attacks in children.

Plant-based cleaners

Plant-based cleaners have become a green professional carpet cleaning standard. Being plant-based versus chemical-based limits the impact on the environment. The arguments against plant-based cleaners are that it leaves a harsh smell and often takes multiple applications to remove stains.

Not all green-certified chemicals are the same

Carpet cleaning solutions can be certified green, meaning they meet EPA standards. When considering a switch from conventional to green carpet cleaning, you should know that not all green-certified chemicals are alike. Some chemicals may work better in different situations and on certain types of carpet. It may take some trial and error to find a product that works well and is easy on the environment.

Questions to consider

There are both pre-spray and heavy duty cleaners recognized as green. Here are some questions to ask when choosing a green professional carpet clean product:

  • Is it soap free?
  • Does it provide a two-step process? This can save time and reduce costs.
  • Does it have anti-stain, anti-soiling and anti-wicking features?
  • Does it meet or exceed EPA DfE? This is something customers may inquire about.
  • Can it be used on stain resistant and wool carpets and upholstery?
  • Can it be diluted? This is cost reducer.
  • Is it safe to use on resistant nylon?
  • Does it disinfect and kill bacteria?
  • Does it require a rinse?
  • Is PPE (personal protective equipment) required?

Once you have these answers, you will be able to choose the best green professional carpet cleaning product based on the job requirements.

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