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Five Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips


As a professional carpet cleaner, you’ve probably seen every stain imaginable. You’ve likely picked up a few professional carpet cleaning tips as well. Because we’ve been in the carpet cleaning business for years, we’ve amassed a lot of experience, including things that have worked and not worked. We decided to share these with you, tips for experts from experts.

Blot Never Rub

With the toughest stains, blotting is always the preferred method. Rubbing can ground the stain in further and spread it. Before using any equipment, use a cloth with a small amount of cleaner to blot from the outside inward. This is the best way to control and minimize the stain.

Countering Over-Shampooing

Over-shampooing occurs when either too much shampoo is used or the carpet is not rinsed thoroughly. If you encounter a carpet that has soapy residue build up then it must be rinsed properly before cleaning again. Often this residue can cause the carpet to become a dirt magnet. If you suspect the carpets have been overly shampooed in the past, it’s always wise to ask about past carpet care before beginning a new cleaning.

Rinse Just Enough

If you over wet carpets too much, water will soak into the bottom of the carpet. Backing materials can cause the carpet to lose its coloring if they become too wet. Carpets will actually shrink from over-wetting and pull from the floor. If the backing and pad become too wet, it’s very hard to dry them. You also have the risk of mold and mildew problems.

Removing the Unexpected

Not everything that stains a carpet is a liquid. Sometimes things like gum and wax embed in carpet. There’s a fix for that! For gum, freeze it. Then lift it up, and cut it out. If the piece of gum is small, you shouldn’t be able to tell.

Wax from candles can sometimes end up in carpet. The solution is to reheat it using an iron. Use a paper or cloth towel under the iron. When the wax becomes softened, peel it off with a knife or other tool.

Odor Issues

Odor in carpet can come from people, animals or other lingering smells. Use a water based cleaner. This will encapsulate the odor which minimizes the spread of odor molecules.

These are just a few of the professional carpet cleaning tips we’ve picked up over the years. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us. If you’d like to browse our carpet cleaning products, you can start shopping.