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Carpet Cleaning Benchmark Report


What You Need to Know to Improve Your Business

The Cleanfax 2016 Carpet Cleaning Benchmark Report is the result of carpet cleaning professionals’ thoughts and opinions. Carpet cleaning professionals just like you responded to the survey from Cleanfax, an industry publication for cleaning and restoration professionals.

The industry is healthy

Based on responses, 60 percent of business owners reported an increase in revenue in 2015 as compared to same sales the year before. Of that 60 percent, 22 percent said the revenue increase was significant. Respondents attributed the growth to a better economy with consumers having more expendable income. Consumers may feel like they don’t have to put off necessary home maintenance like carpet cleaning.

Threats to the industry

The survey asked professionals their opinions on certain topics. Professionals are concerned about competing with cheap pricing. This lowers the consumer’s expectations. The professional community would like to see pricing have some standards around it so that quality isn’t jeopardized. Cheaper is rarely better.

Labor challenges

Many professionals believe it’s still a great challenge to find employees. Employees need to be dependable and have a professional manner. Companies have more business but are struggling with keeping and recruiting qualified employees. Some even think there is a labor shortage. This could be because younger generations seem to have little interest in the profession.

New business

Referrals from existing customers is still at the top of list on how businesses earn new business. But social media (Facebook and Twitter specifically) is a growing source of new business. They also cited sites like Yelp and Angie’s List as a source of referrals. This is a sign that businesses should embrace social media as a marketing channel, and execute campaigns on these platforms.

Read the full 2016 Carpet Cleaning Benchmark from Cleanfax. You’ll find additional information on pricing, services and finances